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I’m Piotr. Graphic Designer, Video Editor and Animator with over 15 years of Experience.

Web Design

Web Design and implementation

PDMA Central Europe

Business-oriented website for an international organization.

Web Design and implementation

EMINUS Company Website

Business/portfolio website.

Web Design and implementation

Rokanan Group

A website I’ve put into motion based on an outsourced design and supplemented with my own graphics that fit the chosen theme. The design wasn’t easy to implement in WordPress, but the end-result is more than satisfactory.

Web Design and implementation

Per Aspera Foundation website

A simple, people-oriented website for a non-profit organization.

Web Design and implementation

Wild Furballs mobile game website

Wild Furballs strike again! Given that I’ve drawn an animated everything in this game, it was only natural I would make the website too 😉

Web Design and implementation

Wings – therapist website

Simple and functional e-commerce website built WordPress.

Web Design and implementation

Dotleniamy (prototype)

Information website for an organization dealing with hydroponic, air-filtering gardens.

Web Design and implementation


Yes! This very portfolio site, made from scratch in WordPress.

Web Design and implementation

Agata Rutkowska – Therapist website

Another information/e-commerce WordPress site.

Web Design and implementation

Spectraterm – thermal imaging professionals

Work-in-progress website for a higly specialized industry.

Web Design and implementation

PixelPolishTV – private website

YouTube related front-end for my passion project.

Web Design and implementation

2smoke – E-cigarette store

One of my ancient designs for a company long gone, but it brings back memories…

Web Design and implementation

FORTEC Newsletter

haven’t dealt with newsletters for a whilke now, but I’m proud of this one, as I both designed and ran this one with great success.

Flash Animation

Flash Animation for web

Flash presentation for industry expo

Flash might be dead, but it was my first introduction to motion graphics. These are some of the examples and reminders of a bygone era…

Ad banner for 4F

Animated e-leatning agent for Eminus.

Another 4F banner.

Title screen for an e-learning course.

Preloader animation for an internet platform.

Animated end-screen.

Remember when both banners and navigation were all made in Flash? Yeah, it’s one of those 😉

Ad banner for a textile vendor.

Animated Chrostmas Card

Animated Easter card.

Sygma’s robot mascott put into motion as an e-learning course agent.

Simple e-learning course infographic.

Ancient CCTV company ad banner.

Ancient CCTV company ad banner. Again.

One of the first animated website bannersI have ever created. Highly nostalgic.

“Edgy”, tribal pre-loader animation. Times were different back then 😉


“Waiting for upload”

Private work for a live-streamer – an animation that would play anytime someone would hit the “Follow” button. Good times.

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