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I’m Piotr. Graphic Designer, Video Editor and Animator with over 15 years of Experience.

Graphics & Illustrations

Raster, vector and 3D graphics

Wild Furballs mobile game promo materials

More Wild Furballs stuff – this time static illustrations and UI, all designed and drawn by me in Adobe Illustrator. Click “View Comic” to the left to see some comic strips used in promotion of the game and spreading a positive message. Be sure to check out how it all looks in motion in the Video section.

Two covers designed for community Facebook Groups in Adobe Photoshop.

PowerPoint presentation start and end screen for a gastronomy business.

Some e-publication covers designer for a major Polish gaming portal.

Example infographics for e-learning coures.

Another set of Facebook Group covers.

Another work commisioned by Gry-Online.pl for use in their guides. Made from scratch in Adobe Photoshop.

Ad and promo graphics for a CCTV systems retailer. Designed back when “gloss” was THE thing.

Fabric schematics for a major sports clothing brand 4F.

E-learning course vector illustrations for Volkswagen Polska.

Pickups for the Wild Furballs series of mobile and edutainment games.

Infographics for Valeant Pharmaceuticals, before they re-branded to Bausch Health.

Ads for Eminus Systems, using a composite photos which you can see in full in the Photo section.

A sample of vector backdrops and agents for e-leatning courses commisioned by Sygnity and International Organization for Migration.

Pseudo-3D bulding interior based on a simple schematic for an edutainment game.

Graphs and pie charts infographics made for Bausch Health and Audi Polska.

Sample 3D scene made in Unity3D for a cancelled game Alice: Queen of Diamonds.

For good measure, one of my old 3D renders created in 3DS Max.

Speaking of 3DS Max – everyone started somewhere. This was my first 3D animated scene in early 2000’s 😉

Logo Design

Designs for print and distribution

Assorted logos for brands and online communities

Several logos for edutainment, mobile and computer games that I’ve designed in Photoshop and Illustrator. I love designing fancier and more complex logos like these for multimedia products.

Logos for two (sadly now defunct) video game development studios.

Several logos designed for brands, products and software.

Logos for a car rental and a tech company.

Friendly Fire logo designed for Gry-Online.pl, one for a YouTuber, a gaming community and one for a Wiki page.

Logos for an on-line men grooming products retailer from early 2010’s. Got a soft spot for this one, as I really did like the glossy look of that time period.

Some non-commercial logos for a podcast and two on-line communities, hence not adhering to the typical, minimalist approach.


Posters for print & digital distribution

An ogoing series of music event/party posters for an acclaimed Cracow DJ Duo: Toxik Twinz with some other event posters mixed in for good measure.

Other printed material

Designs for print and distribution

Low-res picture turned 300dpi photo album cover

Low resolution internet graphic transformed into high resolution background + title design for a commissioned photo album cover.

Designs for print and distribution

Soccer themed wedding invitations

Every designer had to dabble in wedding invitations at some point – this one is close to my heart, as it was made for my own family wedding. They wanted a soccer/football theme, so we went with game tickets.

Designs for print and distribution

4F Sport Wear Catalogue

Back when I was dealing more with DTP I was co-responsible for publishing a clothing catalogue for a major sport wear brand, 4F. I was mainly responsible for the cover, packshot photography, iconography and some design elements within the catalogue itself. Due to last minute additions I’ve spent 30h+ in front of the computer to finish this project in time. Used Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Designs for print and distribution

Let’s Cook Expo Catalogue

A smaller, more recent project for a gastronomy supplier. Stylish folder with several categorized product pages printed on high quality paper.

Designs for print and distribution

FOB Printed Workbook

Back to sports clothing, this time for the FOB brand (part of the 4F family at the time). Designed this one myself and composed for print from start to finish in the brand’s more youtfull, grungy style.

Designs for print and distribution

Printed visual identity materials

Example set of one of many printed company image materials, like folders, CDs, inserts, etc. An oldie, but I still like it – made in the glossy style, oh so trendy at the time, before minimalizm took over.

Sportswear and streetwear promotional posters

Promotional posters for gastronomy and IT company, including some advanced photo composition.

Event and promo posters.

Product fliers.

Tags and Point of Sale materials.

Sportwear posters.

Promotional CD covers.

Backpack promotional Point of Sale banners/stands.

Selected business cards.

Photo editing & composites

Photo manipulation

Edits, composites and visualisations

Assorted composites for marketing purposes.

Detailed object isolation/background removal.

Need a whole catalogue of colors based on one photo? No problem.

This stadium was awfully empty, photo-bombed and not very wedding-like. Was.

An example composite for a title screen.

Another composite, which came out pretty OK considering the lack of source materials.

Simple visualisation of new visual identity elements.

An example of turning a grainy, out of focus photo into something magical.

Photo aging based on a reference example.

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