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I’m Piotr. Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Animator and generalist with over 17 years of Experience.

Jack of all trades, master of some.

My Story

My experience as a designer started in MS Paint way back in the late 90’s. Really. Then I’ve discovered Photoshop and that’s how my adventure with Adobe Creative Suite began. I have quickly expanded into vector illustration, flash animation (RIP) and eventually video editing and post-production, where my current interests mostly lie these days. Dabbled in 3D modelling, photography, web dev and even music mixing to supplement my work.

My Skills


Video editing & post production


Complex Graphic design


Animation & motion graphics


Vector art & Illustration


Audio mixing & sound design


3D texturing & material design


Web design and implementation


Photo manipulation & composites

Tools of my trade:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (graphics, video and audio editing, 2d animation)
  • Unity3D, 3DS Max & Blender (3D animation and material design)
  • Wordpress / DIVI Builder
  • OBS Studio (recording, live streaming, advanced layouts)
  • Microsoft Office & Google Suite

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Commercial Social Media Stories & Reels

Social Media ads and promos for music venues/events/parties and other material.

Gastro Party VII – Tiki Edition

Biggest event for Krakow’s gastronomy and friends, put into a 2 minute reel that aims to capture the spirit of this unique party. Commercial reel for Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/reel/290573873387129

Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CuRps12ICoJ/

A series of 15s Instagram stories, including montages from photos and videos with motion graphics for a beauty clinic in UK.

Looking for wilder, more complex and creatively unchained Stories & Reels? Visit the Passion Projects tab of my portfolio!

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Ads & Training Videos

video editing & post production

Leaf Jewelry: Christmas Themed 15s advert edit

Rhythmical edit job (including music selection) for a German luxury jewelry brand Leaf GmbH.

video editing & post production

Olavoga Clothing: Christmas Themed 30s advert edit

Another seasonal edit job (including music selection), this time for a Polish quality clothing brand O’la Voga.

video editing & post production

Olavoga Lingerie: Mature Christmas Themed 30s advert edit

Yes, another seasonal edit job (including music selection) O’la Voga. This time something for mature audiences and with a little, tasteful spice.

video editing & post production

“Wieża” Restaurant & Appartments: Romantic 45s advert edit

One of the longer edits for a classy Italian-themed restaurant/hotel Wieza in Swidnica, Poland. A bit of fun, some romance and a bit of spice with just a hint of tastefully understated “what happened next”.

video editing & post production

Wild Furballs Launch Trailer (Android, iOS)

I’ve decided to start with this video, as it shows off a lot of what I do in one package. I have edited the video, recorded the footage and actually drawn and animated everything in the game. On top of that, I’m also responsible for the selection of sounds and music that make the game’s soundscape. Wild Furballs was made and animated in Unity3D.

video editing & post production

Introduction to Liver: part of an e-learning course

Set up and animated mostly in 3D (Blender) where I created or modified materials used on the models, directed the camera movements and then added everything else in post-production (Premiere Pro, After Effects). 

video production, editing & post 

PixelPolishTV 4K video ad and channel trailer

An ad for a retro gaming YouTube channel that doubles as a channel trailer that plays for new visitors. Despite it’s short lenght, it was one of the most complex and time consuming videos I have ever produced and edited. Play in 4K to really appreciate the level of detail. More videos like this in the Passion! section of the website.

video editing & post production

Function and structure of the eye: e-learning material

This one was quite a bit more complicated than the Liver video. A lot of texture/material work, more complex 3D objects, animations and camera movements. Topped with plenty of my 2D animations added in the editing process.

video editing & post production

Physiology of anxiety and fear: e-learning material

A lot of moving images, some 3D work and of course editing and post production. You can hear my own voiceover in this one.

video editing & post production

History of transportation methods: e-learning material

A rather straightforward, animated slideshow with dates and eye-catching backgrounds and music to make it less like a PowerPoint presentation.

Looking for more advanced, complex and creatively unhindered videos? Visit the Passion Projects section!

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Animation & video editing

Wild Furballs Gameplay Trailer

Coming back to Wild Furballs – a Unity mobile game that I have drawn and animated from start to finish. This is a gameplay focused trailer, so it’s a little lighter on edits, but easier to notice the details in my illistrations and animations.

3D Animation

Fairy Land gameplay clips

Made entirely in Unity3D, Fairy Land was an edutainment game, incorporating myths and legends from several European countries. All the cutscenes in the video were animated by me. I also designed the UI, did some texture work and created both the studio’s and game’s logos. Produced for EURO FABULA LOCI project.

Short cinematic from Fairy Land used as the game’s teaser trailer. All animations, logos and sound by me.

3D Animation

Bad Boy animations

A rather simple animation for an edutainment game, teaching children about social interaction.

Happy ending to the story 😌

2D Animation

PixelPolishTV Intro Animation

Short, sweet and to the point. Long intros loose viewers. Looks simple? It isn’t. Logo was created from stratch with Illustrator, Blender and Photoshop. Background alone took a lot of work as every building is a reference to gaming and Sci-Fi or Cyberpunk movies. The PixelPolish character was made based on a photo and “digitized” to emulate 16-bit era, high resolution pixel-art. I mixed the music myself from various samples and loops using Adobe Audition. Don’t ask me how much work it all took – I’m not willing to admit it (mainly to keep my sanity) 😉

Just a simple, but elegant pre-loader animation for Audi, used in e-learning courses.

Small sample of the animated icon set made for Audi e-learning courses as navigation elements.

Looking for more 2D animations, ads, banners and pre-loaders? Check out the Flash Animation section of the website.

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